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Vacation rental owners pinched by this summer's travel season squeeze, may want to consider a new option for attracting guests -- the Layaway Vacation Plan. FULL STORY ->

Peter L. Mosca shares part 2 of an excerpt of his radio show interview with Scott Griffith, President, ERA Griffith Realty, Rob Verhaaren, Managing Director of Universal Equity Group, and Blaine Walker, President, RealSource. FULL STORY ->

Rising housing prices are generally considered good news by homeowners who want to cash in on their equity, but if Canadian prices don't start dropping soon, it could spell trouble. FULL STORY ->

Green Building Reaches New Level With Nation's First ‘Emerald' Remodeling Project FULL STORY ->

"FHA approved" may become the most popular condominium amenity in the United States soon, thanks to the new guidelines established by the FHA to take effect February 1, 2010. FULL STORY ->

In conjunction with completing the annual budget review, a Planning Calendar should be compiled to reflect budget events, meetings and other action items. This calendar should be distributed to all members so they can plan accordingly for events that impact them personally. FULL STORY ->